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How to create a smart FAQ chatbot

It is possible to use Smitty FAQ, frequently asked questions, for the training of an AI chatbot. What is an AI chatbot? Read about it here In short, this is a chatbot that utilises AI techniques to train it with specific information. Training can take up several months and a lot of data but at Smitty we found a way to reduce this to minutes. Without the need to program Q&A, which can result in rigid chatbots that don’t perform well.

With a FAQ, frequently asked questions are included in a question and answer structure that the reader can quickly refer to see if their question is included. This is an ideal setup for our AI chatbot Where the information is already gathered, the FAQ can be easily added as training for the AI chatbot. With this, the chatbot can provide support to users with questions within minutes. You don’t need to program Q&A; all that needs to be done is to add a document containing all these questions and answers. It couldn’t be simpler. If you want to add a question and answer later, this can easily be done by adding a new document or modifying the existing one. It is possible within Smitty to link multiple documents to the chatbot it is trained on. At Smitty, we also work with a support bot where 20 separate documents are linked with knowledge about Smitty, FAQ, and website information.

Why a FAQ chatbot and a traditional FAQ page

At Smitty, we believe in using a FAQ support chatbot on the website AND a FAQ page. This is to help all types of users with their questions. Some people prefer to chat with a chatbot, while others prefer to read the questions and answers themselves. The chatbot is an addition to serve that target audience.

A good FAQ page/chatbot has the following benefits:

– Ensures that customers can quickly find the answer to their questions

– Reduces the number of questions for customer service

– Prevents negative reviews and complaints

– Improves the online visibility of your website (only as a page)