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Use our smitty support bot to get answers fast, or email us directly at

Have a request or idea? Just add this here, so others can vote on the idea.
We can focus on these things on developing new features.


When you want to embed a Smitty-bot you need to take these steps below.

For each platform you’ll need to do: Open the chatbot with Edit in Smitty. Add your website address this includes the “” as allowed in the chatbot otherwise the chat will not appear on your site.


To embed the Smitty-bot on a WordPress website you need to install the Header Footer Code Manager. After installation, search in the menu for HFCM. Add a snippet. Follow the instructions on the screen.

You can add the chatbot to the whole site or just one page or blog.

You’ll find this script to add at the button Code in the chatbot page in


At this point in time, this does not yet work. If you want to do this, drop us an e-mail on and we’ll consider a higher priority for this feature.

We need to build a app in the wix store to get this released. In wix it isn’t possible to add scripting without this.


Login to your website in squarespace.

Open website tools open code injection. Add the script/code from in the header. You’ll find this script at the button Code in the chatbot page in

If you like to overwrite the website code injection, open the settings of page. Go to Advanced. Add the script/code in the header of the page. You’ll find this script at the button Code in the chatbot page in This will overwrite the website header.

You can embed scripts in your Shopify store using the Shopify Scripts API and the Script Editor. However, this feature is only available for Shopify Plus merchants. You can find a step-by-step guide on how to create a script in this article:

Other platforms

Contact us or the platform hosting your site if you need any further support.

Txt, PDF and docx

Images in documents are not supported. The chatbot can’t read them.

We support multiple languages. This is the same as OpenAI chatgpt supports. We have seen several chats in all kind of languages, like dutch, german, french, english, arabic, chinese for example. Your document can be in the original language and doesn’t need to be translated.

As a generative language AI, the Smitty app is not always able to give you the most up to data information and can produce incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete answers. This is due to the nature of the AI model which creates answers based on existing patterns of language from its sources / documents you have uploaded. It cannot verify the accuracy of the resulting information.

Smitty App is powered by OpenAI. We don’t share your personal data with OpenAI, but information you share in the chat will be sent to OpenAI. We don’t store any personal information but we do store your chat queries in order to improve our service.

Your chat data will be stored in OpenAI’s database for up to 30 days. OpenAI will only access your chat data to resolve issues, recover conversations with your permission, or if required by law. Data from your chats will not be used to train the OpenAI model.

Your chat history is saved in the Smitty app. You can make a request to us for deletion.


When using a subscription with us you pay for our tooling, 25,- a month. And directly to OpenAI (AI supplier) Pricing can be found here