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SaaS AI chatbot

A Software as a Service (SaaS) AI chatbot. No complex programming.


Integrates on website, intranet and slack.


Make your chatbot look like it’s part of your website with custom colors and make it match your brand’s personality with custom instructions

Embed chat in website or intranet

Easy to implement on a website or intranet. You’ll get the code to embed.

Experience the benefits of a AI employee

Ask the AI-employee questions about your own business specific data. 

Load your information

Upload a knowledge base, FAQ for each chatbot to create your own knowledge / trainings layer on top of the AI

Own API key

We offer a custom API key

Special request? Contact us

Switch between AI models

Switch between AI models like GPT4, GPT4 turbo, GPT3.5

Be creative or stay to facts

We have a setting to finetune the AI chatbot to be more or less creative. Or just stay to the facts


The server is being hosted in The Netherlands

No limits

You’ll have unlimited number of chatbots and unlimited number of documents.

Multi Language

The Smitty chatbot is multi-language.

Chat history

We save the chat history. So you can make adjustments to the data and see the conversations.

Support your employees

Easy to learn new things on the job by asking the chatbot about business specific topics