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What is an AI knowledge base?

AI Knowledge Base – What is it?

An AI knowledge base is an environment where AI plays a crucial role in unlocking data.

AI methods in an AI knowledge base:

AI can be employed through Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) in conjunction with a knowledge base.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables computers to understand language, not only in terms of words but also in the context of the entire message. This capability allows for more accurate and relevant responses, benefiting support services.

Machine Learning (ML), a form of artificial intelligence (AI), focuses on building systems that can learn from processed data or use data to improve performance. combines AI with a knowledge base:

Smitty allows the integration of multiple documents as sources for the AI chatbot. Each chatbot possesses its unique knowledge base, enabling the deployment of various chatbots with distinct knowledge and applications. Smitty is designed to support support departments, simplifying interactions with terms and user manuals for efficient chat interactions. Users can receive quick answers without having to read entire manuals or terms. 

When answering questions, retrieves relevant information from the knowledge base using AI. The AI classifies and structures the information, making it easy to locate for queries on the subject. This approach eliminates the need for months of training and allows for immediate deployment, with training taking only a few minutes.

Benefits of an AI knowledge base like

– Enhanced support and rapid response times.

– Increased efficiency in operations.

– Reduction of AI training from months to just a few minutes.

– Chatting with business data without the need for complex Q&A programming.

Creativity of the AI in handling missing information:

In situations where information is missing, an AI may provide incorrect answers. It is crucial for a platform to offer the option to keep responses factual, preventing users from being led astray by creative but inaccurate answers. Smitty includes this option, which can be configured and tested with various questions.

If the AI provides incorrect answers, Smitty’s chat history allows users to identify where the issue occurred. Monitoring data quality is essential, as the AI’s ability to provide accurate responses depends on the quality of the data. This aspect should be closely monitored to ensure optimal performance.