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Training the AI with Smitty is offering an external knowledge layer for an AI. This knowledge layer is designed to be set up within minutes, enhancing the AI’s capabilities significantly. fills the gap for businesses. A generally trained AI doesn’t contain the information of a business. When using the AI directly it contains a lot of incomplete knowledge for the business. It can be very creative and starts hallucinating. Not very useful. addresses this issue by integrating an additional external knowledge layer. This layer communicates with the AI, ensuring that responses are based on this enhanced information.

At Smitty, we minimize the issue of AI hallucinations. We achieve this by the extra information in the external knowledge layer, specifying its intended use, and adjusting the creativity settings. The creativity setting determines how factual the AI should respond to information. In practice, this approach works well, and if the AI lacks certain information, it will acknowledge this.

Practical Insights with

1. Organise information effectively;
2. For instance, don’t use instructions like “see paragraph X.” ; 
3. Save information in manageable pieces within the knowledge base structure;
4. The AI currently cannot interpret images;
5. Adjust creativity settings to ensure accurate answers;
6. Tailor the AI’s personality to suit its role, making it brand-specific. For example, indicate if it’s a support representative, salesperson, teacher, or knowledge hub.

These practices help ensure the AI delivers precise and relevant information, enhancing user experience and reliability.