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Smitty usage and training it is used for support purposes by partially unlocking knowledge bases, incorporating website information, or including user manuals.

The platform allows the assembly of multiple chatbots, each with its own data source. For example:

  • Chatbot A may contain only data from user manuals.

  • Chatbot B, used on an intranet, may include data solely from the knowledge base.

  • Chatbot C could be a combination tailored for a specific topic or application is a versatile tool that can be applied in various scenarios, and the training of the AI chatbot is expedited by providing only relevant information related to the question.

As you can read their is no need for training of a AI model. Training can take up months of valuable time. We find the information related to the question and use this as our source.

Multilingual capabilities of is designed to respond in the language in which the chat is initiated. Documents are not language-bound, and translation to English is not necessary; it can remain in the original language, and can handle it accordingly. 

Unlimited chatbot creation:
Within the platform, users can create an unlimited number of chatbots, each connected to an unrestricted amount of data.

These developments signify a powerful advancement in our capabilities and enhance the flexibility and efficiency of our offerings.